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Every species of insect has traits that are specific to it. These traits can be exploited by a knowledgeable technician and used against it; that is why the key to effective pest management is thorough inspection and identification. All too often inexperienced pest control companies misidentify the invading pest, use the wrong approach and canít affect good control. Not with A1 Pest Control Palm Beach Inc.ís well-trained staff. We get it right the first time, every time.

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In Addition to General Pest Control Needs, A1 Pest Control Palm Beach Inc. also offers:

Each Customer Has Their Own Personal Technician

Unlike other companies, A1 Pest Control Palm Beach Inc. customers ALWAYS see the same technician, so there is never a problem with communication or understanding exactly what the problem is and how it should be treated.

The relationships that we establish with our customers are very important to us. Thatís why you will ALWAYS see the same A1 Pest Control Palm Beach Inc. professional on your scheduled service call. There is never a need to re-explain where the problems are or have your service performed by someone not familiar with the special requirements of your property. Your A1 Pest Control Palm Beach Inc. professional is your link to a safe and healthy home for you, your family, your pets and your guests.

Some Common Insects Found In and Around Your Florida Home:

almond meal moth - aphid - armyworm - ant - apple maggot - bee - black widow spider - box elder bug - bronze birch borer - brown recluse spider - cabbage worm - carpenter ant - carpet beetle - centipede - chinchbug - cicada Ė cockroach Ė cricket - cucumber beetle - dragonfly - earwig - eastern tent caterpillar - European pine sawfly - firefly - flea - fly - grain beetle - grasshopper - grub - gypsy moth - hornworm - Japanese Beetle - June beetle - katydid - lacewing - ladybug - leafhopper - lice - locust - mantis - mayfly - midge - millipede - mosquito - sawfly - silkworm - sow bug - painted lady butterfly - pantry pest - pine tree borer - pill bug - psyllid - sawtooth grain weevel - scorpion - silverfish - slug - springtails - squash bug - squash vine borer - stag beetle - stick insect - termite - trips - wasp - water strider - water treader - weevil - whirligig - whitefly - winter moth - yellow jacket

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